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Specific Solutions for Skin Conditions This Winter

A few weeks ago, we talked about how to keep your skin healthy providing you with some skin care tips for winter. However, we understand that skin differs from one person to another. Thus, in this post, we shall talk about some specific conditions your skin may go through when weather is this cold and the suggested solutions for them. Keep your skin healthy though that frigid polar vortex.

Dry Skin

For people with dry skin, the best solution is to step it up a notch with your moisturizer. Light lotions just won't cut it this season. To keep your skin healthy, a heavier cream is the solution.

A great NS-mart moisturizer any season is MFIII Bluecell Extracts AF2. Not only is it a moisturizer, it's also an eye gel and a neck gel. It provides skin hydration for a more radiant complexion and rejuvenation for the areas around the eyes and neck.

Fair Skin

Just because you may not feel the heat of the sun this season does not mean the sun's rays can't burn through the exposed part of the skin. Fair-skinned individuals are especially vulnerable to sun damage, so to keep your skin healthy this winter, sunscreen is still essential.

Skin Prone to Breakouts

If your skin is the type that is prone to breakouts due to unnecessary moisture, then what you need is gentler moisturizer that is clearer and more lightweight than most. You want to dry your skin, but not too much so as to aggravate the drying effects of cold weather on it.

Sensitive Skin

For those with skin that easily acts up during the winter months in the form of reddening and pigmentation, you need to choose moisturizers and products that do not have fragrances and coloring. Your skin might not be able to handle those enhancements, especially during these colder months.

As a final tip, to keep your skin healthy, you need to understand your own skin's peculiarities and choose products suitable for you. Try out NS-mart's MFIII Bluecell Extracts AF2, too, while you're at it.