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A Few Skin Care Tips for Winter

We have brought you some great tips for taking care of yourself better this winter: health and fitness tips for the holiday season and the most highly recommended superfoods for winter. Today, we focus on your skin.

It is a known fact that winter weather is not friendly to the skin what with frigid air and artificial heating. In order to keep your skin's health and well-being, allow us to recommend a few skin care tips for winter.

1. Drink up.

The best skin care tip for winter is the simplest of all of them: drink lots of water. Moisture is lost when skin is exposed to cold air. To keep your skin hydrated at all times, you need water. So drink up.

2. Shower warm (not hot) and keep it short.

It is very tempting to have a hot bath this winter. Avoid that or keep it to a minimum. That is our second skin care tip for winter. Keep baths or showers short and make sure water is just warm, not hot. Long baths or hot showers sucks the moisture and oils out of your skin. You do not want that to happen.

3. Ready your lip balm.

Your lips suffer from frigid air, too, and chapped lips are uncomfortable, sometimes downright painful. Always have your lip balm handy this winter season is our third skin care tip for winter.

4. Give a little bit more care to your face.

A skin care tip for winter that is hard to ignore has to do with your face. Your face is the only part of your body often exposed in frigid air. Thus, you need to step up your facial skin care this season. A creamy cleanser is beneficial. Take extra care of the skin around your eyes, too, with moisturizers.

For this and as our last skin care tip for winter, we recommend MFIII Bluecell Extracts AF2. This is a fast-absorbing, moisturizing formula for the rejuvenation of the face, eye, and neck. With MFIII Bluecell Extracts AF2, you can recapture and maintain skin that looks as young as you feel, this winter season or otherwise.