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The Most Highly Recommended Superfoods for Winter, Part One

It is easy enough to eat healthy and delicious foods during the warmer months when you have a lot of options in the supermarket. This is no reason, of course, to let yourself go in the colder months. Here are some of the most highly recommended superfoods for winter you can eat this season.

1. Beans

Beans can be cooked in a number of delicious ways and they are the perfect comfort food for those cold nights. It is definitely one of the best superfoods for winter you can easily get at the supermarket. The best part is, pinto beans and kidney beans are high in antioxidants. Best to choose low-sodium beans to keep things really healthy.

2.  Dark Chocolate

Chocolate figures prominently in many holiday dinner desserts. Now, this is one of those superfoods for winter many will get behind on. Make sure to eat dark chocolate, however, to maximize the health benefit. What health benefit is that? Dark chocolate reduces the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases. It's good and it's healthy, too.

3. Prunes

One of the best superfoods for winter that is rich in antioxidants is the humble prune. Aside from its antioxidant properties, they are also great energy sources (without risk of spiking your blood sugar levels, too). They are also great sources for potassium which benefits your cardiovascular health.

4. Cranberries

Just because it is no longer summer, you cannot have any more of those well-loved berries. The colder months are the season for cranberries and it is one of the easiest to find superfoods for winter. Cranberries are rich in antioxidants and they are good for your immune system and cardiovascular system.

To get that boost in antioxidants, NS-mart recommends MFIII VP Softgel Advanced Formula. Like the superfoods for winter in this list, it contains a host of ingredients with a lot of health benefits: lutein for your eyes, ascorbic acid for your skin, and many others.

Here is part two of this list of the most highly recommended superfoods for winter.