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You'll Never Guess What May Be the Next Anti-Aging Agent!


Hydrogen sulfide, a toxic, flammable, not to mention highly poisonous gas, may just be the next anti-aging agent. A paper published by the American Society for Microbiology online to be included in their Molecular and Cellular Biology Journal explains that hydrogen sulfide, or H2S, has the ability to control the aging process, thereby making it the new anti-aging agent discovered.

A team of scientists from the University of South China in the country's Hunan province who conducted the tests writes that this new anti-aging agent has significant effects on the nervous and cardiovascular systems. H2S, the team says, activates an enzyme called the SIRT1 which holds back the reactions of free radicals, which in turn causes oxidation and thus, perpetuating the aging process.

Not Just Yet

Though it may be the next anti-aging agent, it is unwise to go sniffing it just yet. The colorless compound that is H2S is very poisonous and prolonged exposure is definitely bad and possibly fatal.  H2S is the same gas that you smell when bacteria break down organic matter when oxygen is not present. Thus, this potentially new anti-aging agent is oddly enough the odor that makes well waters, volcanic gas, sewers and swamps so stinky.

It is interesting to note, however, that human bodies naturally produce in very small amounts of what may be the next anti-aging agent. H2S in the body acts as a biological signaling molecule transferring information from cell to cell.

Benefits of this New Anti-Aging Agent

Now, scientists are finding that the new anti-aging agent may play a role in maintaining your arteries clean and open by relaxing the smooth muscle cells and the vascular endothelium, thereby functioning as an antioxidant. In addition, H2S may also inhibit factors involved in inflammation which is an inevitable implication of aging. To counter the effects of inflammation and improve blood circulation, NS-mart recommends MFIII HP230, the best product in the market for revitalization and rejuvenation.

Finally, H2S plays a role in the regulation of a gene called klotho which is said to expand your lifespan by promoting the production of more antioxidants. Thus, as unattractive as the prospect of having to ingest a toxic compound is, H2S may just prove to be the next big thing in the anti-aging game. For now, injections of the wonder product that is MFIII HP230 will just have to do.