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Four Proven and Recommended Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

There is a lot of information out there about what and what works to successfully reduce wrinkles on your skin. There are so many products and treatments in the market right now that you just want to know the real deal. Well, we have them for you here. Below are four proven and recommended ways to the reduce wrinkles on your skin.

1. Chemical Peel

When you go in your dermatologist's office for a peel, a cocktail of substances—the chemical peel—are used to induce your skin to produce collagen. This is precisely what any effective treatment does to reduce wrinkles: produce more collagen. When you have more collagen in your skin, you are less prone to wrinkles. The best part is, unlike high intensity light treatments, chemical peels heal faster.

2. MFIII Bluecell Extracts AF2

MFIII Bluecell Extracts AF2 is's own highly recommended way to reduce wrinkles. This formula is fast-absorbing and moisturizing, helping you rejuvenate your face, eye, and neck. OxygeninTM is the main active ingredient in this formula. It mimics the function of hemoglobin in your blood—the transport of essential nutrients—giving your skin higher oxygen levels.

3.  Vitamin C

Vitamin C, or specifically topical Vitamin C, is also an effective way to reduce wrinkles. Topical Vitamin C, whether in gel or cream form, helps restore the collagen you have in your skin. It is an effective antioxidant and acts as your shield to the sun, making your skin less prone to free radical damage.

4. Fillers

The term "fillers" is the less intimidating word for the highly scientific cross-linked hyaluronic acid injections. This "quick fix" treatment involves injecting wrinkles with a viscous substance. This provides new life to these skin areas and fools cells into creating more collagen.

For sure, you will encounter a lot of products and treatments out there promising to reduce wrinkles on your skin. You can try these four, particularly's MFIII Bluecell Extracts AF2, to know what works best for you and your skin.