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Reducing Your Blood Pressure the Fun Way

Many of our habits, practices, and choices today are unfortunately not good for the body's blood pressure. For one thing, salt is used heavily in today's diet, so much so that American authorities put at 3.4 grams the amount of salt being consumed by adults when the daily intake should only be 2.3 grams (1.5 for those with higher risk).

All is not hopeless, however. Aside from the obvious cutting back of salt intake, there are actually a lot of fun things you can do for reducing your blood pressure. Here are some of them:

1. Laugh.

The pioneers of laughter yoga, or hasyayoga, may be on to something. Studies suggest that laughing helps dilate your blood vessels helping your blood flow better and therefore, reducing your blood pressure.

2. Listen to music.

Listening for thirty minutes a day to music with a rhythmically steady beat while at the same time practicing regular breathing does wonders reducing your blood pressure. For most, this act is relaxing and pleasurable, and therefore helps your blood flow better.

3. Eat dark chocolates.

Dark chocolate, made with 65 percent of cacao or higher, has antioxidants. Thus, getting a daily dose of 3.5 ounces helps not only in reducing your blood pressure but also in lowering risk of cardiovascular ailments.

To help reduce your blood pressure further, NS-mart recommends MFIII HP 230mg, a supplement whose many health benefits include improving your blood circulation and decreasing risk of heart diseases.

4. Hit the gym, even the virtual one.

This refers, of course, to video games which promote activity and movement such as Wii Fit Plus. Getting up to jog, box, and other physical activities which the video game makes you do helps in reducing your blood pressure by two to five points. Make sure to do it for at least 150 minutes a week to make it count.

While you should not replace your doctor's recommendations in reducing your blood pressure with these, engaging in these fun activities, with the addition of MFIII HP 230mg, will certainly promote a healthier less-hypertensive you!