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8 Easy Recommendations on How to Lead a More Active Life, Part Two

We mentioned in the previous article that having an active lifestyle does not necessarily mean dedicating long periods of time in the gym, jogging around the block, or doing laps in the swimming pool. Although they are highly recommended, researchers at the Oregon State University reports that through a recently concluded study, several short bouts of physical exertion can easily be as effective long workouts.

In our previous article, we made recommendations on how to lead a more active life by integrating some forms of physical activity at work. This time, let us make a few suggestions on how to be more active at home and outside.

1. Do chores yourself.

While it is easy to hire a housekeeper, doing your household chores yourself is a very effective means of working out. Vacuum vigorously, change your curtains and your sheets, mow the lawn, walk your dog, and many other day to day tasks with physical exertion.

2. Go on a walk in your next trip.

In your next holiday with your family, why not consider booking walking sightseeing tours of the city, or even guided outdoor walks through hills, forests or even jungles. They are fun and are certainly great workouts. Remember to bring with you the all-in-one MFIII Bluecell Extracts AF2 moisturizing formula to keep you looking young and fresh in your physical activity.

3. Do some exercises while cooking dinner.

Waiting for that casserole to simmer down or for that baked pasta to be done is best spent doing some physical activity. Push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, stationary jogging, etc. will do the trick.

4. Take a bike to the grocery or the pharmacy.

Instead of taking your car to run your errands, consider getting on a bike. For one thing, it requires physical exertion great for your body. Second, it is environment-friendly. It is the perfect physical activity.

While doing 30-minute workouts at the gym is good, it is not an excuse to lead a life without physical activity whatsoever. With these simple recommendations and the MFIII Bluecell Extracts AF2, you are sure to stay fit, young and healthy.