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PEadvancedboxMFIII PE Softgels Advanced Formula


New Advanced Ingredients

Polymerized DNA Extracts

A natural and water soluble extract from fish (wild salmon or herring).  Research has shown it to have various positive applications particularly in the dietetic treatment of osteoarthritis.  It also has the capacity to increase physical performance and slow the aging process by working to inhibit cell oxidization.

skateSkate Cartilage 

Natural extracts from skate cartilage (skates are kind of oceanic ray; a cartilaginous fish related to the stingray) have been introduced into the PE Softgel formula because research has revealed the presence of collagen, chondroitine sulphate, glycosaminoglycan and other minerals within these extracts. These raw materials are useful because they have a synchronized effect that improves osteoarthritis and the structural integrity of human tissue, particularly that of skin and cartilage.  By working to maintain or increase the flexibility, elasticity, and moisture capacity or your skin and cartilage it can make you feel younger and also appear radiantly more youthful.

Collagen HM-Elastin

Composed of raw materials sourced from France, Collagen HM-Elastin is 1st grade quality collagen and elastin with peptides in the same ratio as found in the dermis of the skin. Collagen gives the dermis tensile strength and increased moisture capacity while elastin makes it supple and soft. Together they help to minimize apparent lines and wrinkles by tautening and quenching your skin.  This provides you with the proper skin to protect you from the dangers that stress, lack of sleep and harsh weather can bring to your glowing complexion.  Collagen HM-Elastin is well proven in its anti-wrinkle and anti-slacking effects by revitalizing, stimulating, and illuminating your skin.


A naturally occurring phytoalexin found in the skins of grapes, berries and some other plants (in particular Japanese Knottwood).   Phytoalexin is a chemical substance produced by plants as a defense against environmental stresses as well as infection from fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms.
berriesScientific studies confirm that resveratrol extract is a powerful antioxidant.  It is well understood that antioxidants have the potential to extend life and provide significant anti-aging benefits by eliminating the damage inflicted on our bodies from free radicals generated by the natural oxidation process.  Lab tests have revealed that various animals and insects have experienced increased longevity from the consumption of resveratrol due to its antioxidant properties. This natural by-product is also associated with a reduction of the risk of cancer and can also contribute to weight loss.  Red wine is packed with resveratrol and it is for this reason that red wine is hailed to have many health benefits.  It has been included in PE Softgels to further protect you from the aging hazards of oxidation and to improve your overall health and wellness, thereby working to extend your life. 


Lycopene is one of the many important nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Specifically it is the nutrient that gives them their red or dark pigment but it is also a tomatoesfamously powerful antioxidant.  By neutralizing dangerous free radicals which are formed when the body’s cells burn oxygen for energy, antioxidants keep the immune and cardiovascular system healthy, reduce the risk for cancer as well as many other diseases, and ultimately possess the power to prolong our life. Although Lycopene may be found in many foods (In particular tomatoes, watermelon, and grapefruit) studies have proven it to be such an effective antioxidant that including it in any anti-aging program is essential.  It is for this reason that MFIII of Switzerland has included lycopene in its new PE Softgels so you can enjoy all of its anti-oxidative benefits, allowing you to feel healthier and more vibrant. 

Coenzyme Q10

 An absolutely essential enzyme produced by the human body for the basic functioning of cells, its known to decrease as we age and is associated with the onset of certain chronic diseases. Specifically, a decrease of coenzyme Q10 leads to failures in the functioning of cell mitochondria.  A reduction in proper mitochondrial function coenzymehas been associated with chronic diseases such as heart conditions, muscular dystrophies, Parkinson's disease, cancer, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS as well as with rapid aging.   Patients suffering from these conditions have also been reported to have low levels of coenzyme Q10.  Thus, many studies have shown that supplementing coenzyme Q10 can lead to increased mitochondrial cell function and therefore potentially deter or diminish the symptoms of certain chronic diseases and age related cell malfunctions. To benefit your overall health and vigor through the facilitation of proper cell function, MFIII has included coenzyme Q10 in its new PE Softgels.  

Pomegranate Extract

Pomegranate extract, primarily composed of alkaloids and polyphenols has an active ingredient that is responsible for its multiple health benefits which is called Ellagic acid. Ellagic acid is a naturally occurring phenolic compound that is found in several fruits and nuts but with particularly high content in pomegranates.
Pomegranate extract has demonstrated a variety of beneficial functions but the most significant benefit is its anti-viral activity. In fact, research has revealed that pomegranate extract is capable of destroying several viruses virtually on contact.  The discovery of this anti-viral activity prompted further investigation and clinical studies. New studies have confirmed that Ellagic acid also effectively protects cells from hazardous free radicals. Additional phenolic compounds found in pomegranate known as anthocynadins (also well known scavengers of free radicals) combine  with Ellagic acid to greatly augment pomegranate's potency as an antioxidant.   Finally, Ellagic acid was found to be a potent inhibitor of molecular activity associated with the ability of certain viruses to transform normal cells into cancerous cells thus it is considered potentially helpful in the prevention and treatment of cancer.  

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MFIII PE Advanced Formula with Advanced Cell Extraction

The Swiss secret in DNA cell extraction

Laboratoires Dom AVMM Suisse, the Swiss formulators and developers of MFIII of Switzerland, holds the one and only Swiss licensed method of extraction of cell extraction. The Swiss believe that, in order to maintain the bio-activeness of cell extracts, it can only be done using their unique, closely-guarded Swiss secret.  This is a cold enzymatic acid process during extraction which does not share the destructive effects of heating from 125 degrees to 180 degrees Celsius as is commonly used in the sterilization process by other brands. Hence, no other cell extract products are the same as MFIII’s because the methods of the extraction process are very different. Other current cell extracts supplements on the market are extracted via more conventional methods.  See below how these methods compare with the MFIII way.

Conventional Methods:

Grounding process – This process leaves impurities, including accumulated and unfiltered heavy metals.

Lyophilization process –The cellular wall structure of cells are unavoidably damaged during this lyophilization process, rendering a high loss of cell extract efficacy and effectiveness.

Sterilization process – In this process the heating of the cell extracts to 125 degrees to 180 degrees Celsius kills off nearly all the natural bio-activeness of them.

The MFIII Method:

 *Cold Enzymatic Acid Process - MFIII Swiss cell extracts avoid the above mentioned detriments of conventional methods with its unique cold extraction method that leaves the finished product more bio-active and readily useful upon ingestion. The ratio of active ingredients in MFIII of Switzerland is set after prolonged researches and trials in various scientific fields determine the best concentration of the active ingredients. Both the inner ingredients and outside coating of MFIII of Switzerland capsules are stabilized. MFIII of Switzerland products are all extracted from small peptide fractions with the big molecules of fat, protein and hormones removed. They are further cultivated by cell cultures with the result ending with the bio-active portions separated and purified. They are thus very pure and do not contain any other unnecessary ingredients.  The final product is a fully-soluble material manufactured in a controlled air environment throughout the exclusive proprietary enzymatic digestion process.

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