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Passion Keeps You Healthy and Young

People who have found an activity they are most passionate about, an activity which makes them enthusiastically want to get up in the morning and spend the day living those passions, are more likely to stay healthy and young. This is according to a study done on couples whose social interactions were monitored in conjunction with the speed at which their physical wounds heal.

The Wonders of Oxytocin

In the study, researchers found that couples who are more passionate with each other, who interact more, experience an increase in plasma oxytocin, a substance which decreases cytokines, thereby reducing inflammation and healing wounds faster. The study is therefore one of the many recent ones which has linked love and passion to the ability to stay healthy and young.

Oxytocin, studies suggested, not only decreases cytokines, but also increases the emotions relating to contentment and calmness. It also increases the feeling of being secure with your companion while decreasing that of anxiety and insecurity.

Combined with living your passions, you can certainly get regular doses of oxytocin by trying out one of NS-mart's excellent product called the MFIII HP 230mg. These are injectible formula made from highly concentrated human placenta extracted using safe and patented high-tech methods of ultra-filtration and cold-processing. Human placenta contains the wonder substance to stay healthy and young—oxytocin.

Sex and Passion

In addition to social interaction, passion can also be ignited by having a healthy sexual relationship with your partner. This is one of the ways to stay healthy and young, experts believe. Making love passionately, they suggested, releases hormones in your body, which includes oxytocin, thereby decreasing stress, re-energizes the immune system, and increases cardiovascular health.

It is thus strongly recommended that you live out your passions in life, preferably with your partner, with whom you have a healthy social and sexual relationship. With the help of MFIII HP 230mg, you are sure to stay healthy and young.