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Male Menopause: Is there such a thing?

Too often you see articles on newspapers and magazines and even entire books on menopause. Serious health changes occur in a woman's body during this life phase. Many researchers have discovered that men may have been experiencing similar changes. Male menopause, or more accurately andropause, is what many have chosen to call the process. Other names include an aging male's androgen deficiency, late-onset hypogonadism, and simply testosterone deficiency.

The Difference

There is a difference, however. In women, menopause occurs in a more dramatic fashion, a very abrupt change. Female reproductive hormones decrease, or rather plunge, in a short time period. Male menopause involves the phenomena of low testosterone. A man undergoing andropause has his levels of testosterone decreasing over a long time period. Studies suggest that low testosterone is caused by a decline of about one percent a year. It may not be much but by 70, a man's testosterone will have decreased 50 percent.

Effects of Andropause

Some of the effects of male menopause are also not as apparent. Andropause symptoms can even not show up until after many years. Nonetheless, the effects include a general decrease in energy levels, including sex drive, as well as fluctuations in mood.

Treatment for Male Menopause

One thing that could help, however, be it a man or a women undergoing menopause, is MFIII Sheep Placenta Capsules. A great benefit of this NS-mart product is a noticeable enhancement in your energy levels as well as your stamina.

As for specific treatments for low testosterone, many patients will be glad to know that the FDA has approved treatments for the condition as a result of particular medical problems, testicular cancer for instance. While results may vary from patient to patient, some doctors still believe that there are still some benefits to treatment and this applies to all men no matter the age.