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Reducing Diabetes Risk and Other Health Benefits of Apples

It turns out, that poster you see in your doctor's waiting room is right. An apple a day does keep the doctor away.

In a paper recently published by the British Medical Journal, researchers found that risk of contracting type 2 diabetes goes down by up to 23 percent when you eat apples. The result is true for participants who ate two servings of apples per week in comparison with those who consumed less than a serving of apples per month.

This result was concluded from a study which involved more than 180,000 participants. This new study adds a new item in the list of health benefits of apples.

Not Just Apples

The study not only covered apples, but any type of whole fruit such as blueberries and grapes. Of course, we already know the many health benefits of blueberries and grapes. They contain resveratrol, which scientists have found to be a very powerful antioxidant and therefore provide many anti-aging benefits.

Additionally, resveratrol is one of the key ingredients in MFIII PE Softgels Advanced Formula, an anti-aging and cell-activating oral supplement by NS-mart.

Other Health Benefits of Apples

Lowering risk of diabetes is just one of the many health benefits of apples. Another one has to do with lowering blood pressure. This is from a study by the University of Valencia, which specifically studied the health benefits of apples in children.

Another risk lowered by eating apples is the risk of stroke. People who consumed foods colored white such as apples and pears showed to have lowered stroke risk by 52 percent.

Finally, because of the high fiber and water content of apples as well as their low calorie content, people feel full more by eating apples thrice in one day. Thus, they tend to eat less and lose weight.

So, next time you are in the supermarket, consider throwing some apples into your cart. Best to get yourself MFIII PE Softgels Advanced Formula, too, for its anti-aging benefits.