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Debunking Some Well-known Dieting Myths, Part Two

Last week, we talked about a few of those dreaded dieting myths and we debunked them. There are a lot more out there waiting to lead you away from having a healthy diet. Let us address more of them now.

1. Fat is bad for you.

This dieting myth is not totally correct. Basically, there are bad fats and good fats, and you need good fats. Bad fats are those that come from junk foods like deep-fried foods or greasy pizzas. Good fats, meanwhile, come from foods such as avocado or salmon. Salmon, for example, has Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which helps with inflammation. Like NSmart's MFIII HP 230mg, Omega 3 Fatty Acids prevent inflammation, and thus, diseases associated with it like diabetes.

2.  Eating before a workout is bad.

There is a dieting myth that has people believing that by hitting the gym or going for a run on an empty stomach, you burn calories more. This is incorrect. Whether or not you ate before working out does not affect how much calorie you burn. In fact, it will be more beneficial to eat before working out. Best to eat sweet fruits like mangoes and bananas.

3. Having cheat days is good.

People who are dieting give themselves cheat days as reward for the restraint they had during the past week. This dieting myth might not be all that good simply because you might just gain all the pounds you lost on your cheat day. If you do have a cheat day, watch your portions still. Better yet, find other non-food things you can reward yourself with.

4. Count calories and consume the least possible.

This dieting myth is not necessarily beneficial. If you suddenly cut your calorie intake, your body panics and your metabolism slows down. This definitely cannot help your weight loss. The secret is a gradual reduction of one to two pounds lost per week.

The best thing to do about dieting myths is to not believe them outright. Do your own research and consult your physician about it. Take note of NS-mart's recommended products, too, to help you with your regimen.