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Apple, the Miracle Anti-Aging Fruit

Apples and its Antioxidant PropertiesApples, a new research says, may just be the miracle anti-aging fruit with fountain-of-youth antioxidant properties you were waiting for. Scientists from the Chinese University of Hong Kong have conducted studies with apples and have noted their ability to slow the aging process. A substance in apples, the study found, have the ability to alter genes, the same ones that produce enzymes in the body with antioxidant properties.

Powerful Antioxidant Properties

The powerful antioxidant properties in apples are found in a substance called apple polyphenol. The health benefits which can be had from the consumption of apple polyphenol are, obviously, the increased length in lifespan as well as the reduction of mortality rate caused by oxidants.

One of the best products currently in the market which also has powerful antioxidant properties is MFIII VP TSRRP, which is a vegetal placenta (VP) product containing a raw form of GSH. GSH, like apple polyphenols, are known to be very powerful antioxidants.

Study on Fruit Flies

The study on apples was done with fruit flies which in the experiment were deliberately exposed to oxidants. This process reduced their lifespan. It was found that flies with a diet rich in apple polyphenol increased their lifespan by a total of three percent.

Many studies in the past have suggested the presence of anti-aging antioxidant properties in apples. The results of the Hong Kong study shows convincing evidence to support this claim. While the results does not yet relate to humans at this point in time, the study shows promise for further research in apples' antioxidant properties.

Health Benefits of Apples

At any rate, it will be best to consume apples not only because of its antioxidant properties but also because of many other health benefits it has. Vitamic C, for example, is also present in apples. This vitamin is beneficial to the health of your skin complexion and your hair. More apples mean more Vitamin C and more Vitamin C means a healthy glow in your skin and hair. Apples are also high in fiber which helps reduce high cholesterol, constipation, and diabetes.