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Swiss Lab - Dom AVMM

Laboratoires Dom AvMM (Suisse) Inc.

Laboratoires Dom AvMM (Suisse) Inc.

Laboratoires Dom AvMM (Suisse) Inc. is a premier joint venture collaboration between two Swiss entities established in the early 1980's with the main objectives of research, development and formulations of Swiss Cell Therapy Extracts. The MFIII of Switzerland line is the revolutionary product range after years of extensive research and development.

The Laboratoires Dom AvMM team is composed of the best pharmaceutical scientists, chemists, researchers, quality control and assurance experts. MFIII of Switzerland is manufactured in two of Swiss' (Europe's) largest and most advanced manufacturing plants with a combined work force of about 700 professionals. Currently Laboratoires Dom AvMM (Suisse) Inc. is the first and o­nly supplier of Swiss Cell Therapy Extracts in supplement form.



MFIII Manufacturing Process and Packing Video