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MFIII Dr. & Advisory Panel

International MFIII Advisory Panel  

Sir Prof. Dr. David G. Spall, M.D., M.A., DDR, KCSO

  • Senior Consultant Medical Advisor, MFIII of Switzerland
  • Professional Member and Senior Advisory Consultant of Fetal Cell Technologies, Inc. (FCTI) Medical Team
  • Physician Specialist in Oncology


  • Director of Radiological Services at Department of Health and Medical Services in Washington in the USA
  • Member of the Radiological Advisory Council
  • Directed chemotherapy and instituted the preparation of the first autologous vaccines in 2000
  • Worked in Oncocare Cancer and Prostcare clinic in 2007

Dr. Olaf W. Kuhnke, MD

  • President/Chairman of ZAEN (Association for Control of Complementary Medicine)
  • Ex-Head Physician of Swiss-Renowned ‘Paracelsus Clinic’ in Switzerland.

Professional Specialization:

  • Attended the University of Würzburg, Bavaria (1977-1984); pursued an extensive postgraduate degree in Urology, Abdominal Surgery, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine and General Medicine
  • Specialist in General Medicine in Deggendorf in North-Eastern Bavaria
  • Senior Medical Supervisor at St. Georg’s Clinic in Bad Aibling, Southern Bavaria; regarding Oncology and Complementary treatments
  • Head Physician at Clinica ‘Paracelsus Al Ronc’ in Castaneda, Switzerland, from 1984 to July 2008
  • Specialist in oncology and biological / Cell Therapy at the “MFIII-Ortho-Bio-Med” in Switzerland
  • Lecturer within the ZAEN’s curriculum as “Doctor in Complementary Medicine” since 1992
  • Officially acknowledged in Biological/Complementary Medicine, including Fetal Cell Therapy, Chirotherapy, Dietology and Oncology.

Professor Dr. Edwin Vodak, M.D.,PhD

United States
  •  Cell Therapist & Practitioner of more than 40 years in the USA

Certifications & Associations:

  • Attended Cleveland College of Chiropractic (post-graduate) in the USA (1964-2009)
  • Attended Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic Medicine in Mt. Horeb, Winconsin, in the USA (1968-2000)
  • Attended Philips Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, (1988-2008) (Thesis on Chelation Therapy & Cardio-Vascular Diseases (1991), PhD Cytobiology by Thesis, Niehans Cell Therapy Xenotransplantation).
  • PhD awarded on Alternative Medicine at Grunwald Hospital in Munich, Germany (1994)
  • Board Certified by Naturopathic Physician in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the USA
  • ANMA Board Member and International Education Advisor in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the USA
  • International Certification in Chelation Therapy – EDTA Therapy, Vitamin C Therapy, UVBI (ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy)
  • Member of the Nevada Board of Pharmacy
  • Federal Registration Naturopathic License
  • University Professor of Emeritus Alternative Regenerative Medicine at Westbrook University in Colorado (USA)
  • Naturopathic Medical Doctor Ltd.

Prof. Dr. Georg von Falkenhayn, M.D.

  • Guest Professor at the Technical University of Science in Oman/Emirates
  • Europe’s foremost Stem Cell Therapist (12 years) with 30 years experience in Cell Therapy

Professional Associations:

  • Attended Heilpraktikerschule in Munich (1978 - 81)
  • Postgraduate training at College of Naturopathic Medicine in Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA (Naturopathic Medical Doctor Certification)
  • Studied at Southern College of Naturopathic Physicians (1985)
  • Served at Augusta Krankanhaus in Dusseldorf, Germany, in 1982
  • Served at Evangelisches Krankenhaus Wulfrath (Rhld.) in Germany (1982-1983)
  • Licensed registered physician in North Carolina and Washington D.C., USA. He has served from his clinic since 1999, with clients from all over the world (including Royalty from Kuwait, Oman and Pakistan)
  • Lectures and gives courses at different universities, colleges and hospitals in many countries (including South Africa, Oman, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Thailand)
  • Treatment of degenerative diseases with Fetal Precursor Stem Cell Therapy

Claus-Peter Cremer, MA

  • Bio-physicist / Scientist
  • President of Society of Electro Magnetic Therapy
  • Head of Research at Edith Liebergeld Institute, Germany, on Cancer and Immunitherapies
Inventions accredited to his name:
  •  1999 - Invention of the Electromagnetic Pulser (EMP)
  •  2000 - Invention of the Multi-wave-oscillator (MWO)
  •  2004 - Invention of the "Ion-wind", 2005 -New invention of the autologous "Active Specific Immune Therapy" (ASI) with guidance from Professor Dr. Rudolph Pekar

Prof. Dr. Jan Rafay, RNDr., CSc.

  • Professional Consultant / Advisor for Research for Rabitology of Certified Closed-Colony Rabbits for FCTI
Associations & Achievements:
  • Director General for Slovak Centre for Agricultural Research, Slovakia, European Union
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences CU Bratislava (biology)
  • Rerum Naturalium Doctor (RNDr.) in Comenius University Bratislava,
  • Specialization in genetics
  • PhD in Zootechnics at the Research Institute of Animal Production (RIAP) in Nitra
  • Prof. in the field of general zootechnics at Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra
  • Working on the scientific problems of rabbit genotype utilization from theoretical aspects (separation of hybridization effects, behavioral heredity and physiological grounds of animal production utility)