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Gong Por Tai School หมู่บ้านก๋องป๋อใต้

Gong Por Tai Village

Gong Por Tai Village is located in the mountains of northern Thailand, about 6 hours south-west from Chiang Mai (population 1,640,479), the second largest city in Thailand. In the highlands of the mountains, less than 100 km from the Myanmar border, this village consists of ethnic Karen. This community was established approximately 100 years ago and the villagers are primarily involved in farming and animal husbandry. While water is abundant throughout the year, access is by dirt road and the largest town (population 58,377) is still 2 hours away. Getting certain types of supplies is a challenge. For Gong Por Tai village, the population numbers roughly 300 people, made up of 78 families with an average income of about $200-$230 USD (6,000-7,000 Thai Baht) per year.

Gong Por Tai School

Gong Por Tai School was established in September 1992 and is the primary educational facility for children under 13 years old in the Gong Por Tai Village. After 14 years old, they begin attending a larger school located 40 km away. They currently have only one building and about 30 students ranging in the age from 3 years old to 13 years old with 2 teachers.

Gong Por Tai School Student Information

Level Number of Students
Male Female Total
Pre-school/Kindergarten (3-6 years old) 12 8 20
P.2 (8-9 years old) 1 5 6
P.3 (9-10 years old) 1 1 2
P.4 (10-11 years old) - 2 2
Total 14 16 30


Since its inception, Gong Por Tai School has received periodic funding and support from individuals and institutions for construction and renovations, but it still struggles to meet all of its day-to-day needs due to its relative isolation and limited funding.

Although we are not an NGO, nor have aspirations to be, we recognize that our success is derived from our interactions with people, and we’d like to give back to the community. We have therefore decided that we can have the most impact in a tangible and immediate way for Gong Por Tai School. Below is a list of the items that they have requested and that we hope to provide through setting aside part of the sales made through this website.

Donations We Will Purchase

No. Item Quantity
1 Metal Roof 30
2 Solar Cell Battery     1
3 Plates, Bowls, Spoons 180
4 Pencil Sharpener 1
5 Agriculture Tools e.g. Hoe, Spade, Shovel 15
6 Sleeping Mattresses      10
7 Linoleum Mats 2
8 Desks 2
9 PVC Piping 20
No. Item Quantity
1 Scale 1
2 Baby Powder 30
3 Soap 30
4 Toothpaste, Toothbrushes 60
5 Nail Clippers 2
Intestinal Parasite Capsules 30
No. Item Quantity
1 Sport Shirts Suite  30
2 Towels 30
3 Shoes (Sandals) 30
4 School Bags 30
5 Flags 30


We hope to continue these types of charitable projects, rotating the project every 6 months. At the end of each 6-month period, when the donations are made, we will update this page with photos of the items as they are donated.

Thank you again to everyone who, intentionally or otherwise, has contributed to this project! We appreciate your continued business and we look forward to serving you for many years to come!

The road to Gong Por Tai